Conductvision Academy is ConductVision's online school offering educational programmes that specialize in learning how to implement transferable skills in our own work environment..
Utilizing knowledge and experiences from different fields and disciplines, we design original and innovative courses, making an impact in people's knowledge and development, creating the knowledge revolution.
Music offers invaluable lesson in leadership, communication, teamwork and personal development. By taking our courses, you will learn in a unique way, how to structure and build your team and organisation, identify your role in your work environment, tap into your full potential.
Stand out amongst your peers and colleagues and let your knowledge be an example to others.

Featured Course

How to Orchestrate Your Business

Learn skills and strategies from high-performing music teams to take your team and organization to the next level.

Endorsed by the IAM, one of the oldest management institutes in the UK.

How to Orchestrate Your Business

Hi, I’m Bibi Pelic

Thanks for visiting our school! I am founder and your instructor at ConductVision Academy. Inspired by my career as concert violinist, I created ConductVision as an educational programme designed to provide business students, current and future leaders a new platform for discussion on key business issues, translating knowledge and experiences from music to business. Currently, as lead facilitator at ConductVision, I provide coaching and lectures. Previous positions include Head of Student Support at InterActive Pro, a global e-learning organisation and Senior Content Editor for The Times Academy, creating various political, business and music online courses.

Am recipient of the European Union prize of Gustav Mahler for artistic achievements and was awarded an Honorary degree of Fine Arts. In 2018 my first book, Music & Leadership, was published.

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